Sustainable energy for the world

 Danish renewables


We are currently developing projects in Denmark, Sweden, Moldova, South Africa and Georgia, as well as other countries yet to be announced


Behind Danish Renewables is a strong team each with up to 16 years of experience developing wind and solar projects – and 4 years with battery systems

Track Record

Danish Renewables owns or has developed projects of 54 MW in Denmark, Maldives and Moldova, and has developed projects of 153 MW in South Africa and Moldova, which are in the late project financing stages

We believe it is good business to make renewable energy good business for everyone

Imagine a series of natural renewable resources that are abundant worldwide can create more power than the world needs in a way that has little to no negative impact on the planet. No more fossil fuels.  Then imagine that doing so combines nicely with creating a positive impact on biodiversity, stimulating local economies and that it in fact is a profitable business model.

We believe that making renewable energy projects that are good for both People, Planet and Profit is good business and we love doing it.


Danish Renewables develops photovoltaic projects throughout the world and this is what we do most. Solar power is the most abundant energy resource we have – simply and predictably – and in most countries it is the cheapest source of electricity available.


As renewable energy specialists, we are experienced in the identification, design, development and construction of onshore wind energy projects. The world’s technical potential for wind energy is immense – it exceeds the global electricity consumption. Most countries have a wind resource that can be utilised commercially.  


Battery storage systems will play an important role in replacing fossil fuels, being a powerful tool to both assure green energy after the sun has set and the wind is quiet as well as fulfilling grid support functions for grids that need to sustain increasing amounts of intermittent electridicty production.


In order to improve the sustainability of the planet, we not only need to produce green electricity, we need to do it without diminishing the planets resources – and leave more than we take. Both wind and solar power facilities represent great opportunities for biodiversity enhancement that can make sure we make the planet greener in more in more than one way.


The world of renewable energy is in constant movement and technology, methodology and policy is changing all the time. Working towards our mission to make renewable energy reach where it is most needed we need to both be on top of the newest developments in advanced economies and support the policy development in the countries where renewable energy is still new.

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The project was carried out by the Moldovan company Flydevelopment, represented by Chiril Gaburici, with the support of Esben Kumke Christensen, an investor from Denmark with over 16 years of experience in renewable energy in several countries around the world and...



The development of sustainable energy projects is an important step towards sustainable development and environmental preservation. In today’s world, with energy resources becoming increasingly scarce, there is a growing need to develop and implement new technologies to generate energy from renewable sources. A Green Tariff solar power plant can be a profitable and innovative business. (“Green Tariff” is a mechanism to ensure sustainable development and preservation of the environment).